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Nourish your mind.

A tasty sparkling water infused with psychiatry-backed nutrients
to support focus, stress resilience, and brain health

Doctor-backed nutrients to support your goals.

BrainFood is an enhanced sparkling water that provides natural energy while also helping heal nutritional gaps that can affect concentration, low mood, and stress, so you can focus on what matters.

1. UTHealth Houston
1. UTHealth Houston

Not Your Average Pick-Me-Up. 

 Fully science-backed 

Thoughtfully designed using vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens backed by clinical research and psychologist-approved

 We play the long-game 

Nutrients to not only give you a lil' tasty boost in the moment, but also support how your brain functions on a daily basis - for better focus, stress resilience, and motivation

 Infused with joy 

Vibrant flavors make BrainFood a tasty treat you can easily add to your routine. With low sugar and zero caffeine, its perfect for your afternoon slump or late-night creative spike

Meet your new favorite beverage.

BrainFood canned beverages next to each other.

For Focus Today, Brain Health Tomorrow

Beyond the Beverage.

Our mission is to fill brain nutrient gaps and make brain/mental health fun to talk about.
Two friends embracing and laughing with each other.

Join the conversation.

Get bite-sized brain-body facts and mental health self-care strategies.
Girl friends hands piled together in a circle.
Follow us @brainfood_mood as we embark on our journey to get in the #BrainFood mood.

Get social.

Two friends sitting next to each other on a couch with a laptop.

Meet the brains behind BrainFood.

BrainFood canned beverages.

Reserve your drink.

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