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A Better Brain Beverage.

Immediate Focus Support, Lasting Benefits

A Healthy Brain: It’s so good, it’s almost* magic.

Distracted, feeling scattered, can't focus … we’ve all been there. It sucks. Yet contrary to what you may have been told, good mental health isn't achieved through sheer willpower, but through restoring balance to your brain's neurotransmitters. 

TLDR: you can do something about it.

Meet our ingredients.

Using a combination of vitamins, minerals, and plant superfoods, you can help your brain function like it should: powerfully focused and under your control.

The sun shining in a field of tall grass.

Vitamin D

The Ray of Sunshine

Various spices and herbs in white bowls (Image by Süheyl Burak),


The Mind Mineral

Blocks of cheese on a wooden board.

Vitamin B12

The Energy Goddess


The Energy Enzyme

Rhodiola Rosea_image_edited.jpg


The Focus Friendly Herb

Turmeric growing out of roots in the dirt.

Your Gut's BFF

 Chikory Root (Inulin Fiber)



B12's Mate

Meat Tray


The Cell's "Powerhouse" Partner

A cluster of pistachios.

The Brain Beverage Breakdown. 

Supporting focus today, brain health tomorrow

Quiet the Noise

Energy drinks tend to overstimulate and don’t help you control your attention.

By harnessin
g non-caffeinated, natural energy from nutrients like B12 (if you aren't getting enough) and CoQ12, BrainFood gives you sustainable concentration without the jitters or crash.


Heal your Brain


Manage focus & stress at the source.

With our hectic modern lives, you may not be getting enough of the crucial vitamins affecting executive functioning (your 'thinking' brain). 

We can be an ally to help fill your brain's nutrient gap promoting longer focus, better mood, and higher stress resilience over time.

Get Smart


The brain is complex, and contrary to what some brands claim, there is no one magic fix for better mental health.

With bite-size brain knowledge, tips, and courses, we hope to make furthering your self-care easier, one tip at a time.

*Okay, but lets be clear... it's not magic

It's science. And our understanding of the body & what different individuals need is constantly changing.

Which means brainfood will be constantly working to improve.

Are transparent as possible in how these nutrients can support you

Keep up with the latest scientific knowledge

Listen to your feedback, making sure this is a tasty drink you love

We promise we will do our best to make sure we...

Preventative measures and healthy lifestyles are key to longer, fuller lives.


With brainfood, we strive to be an ally,

helping you find joy & satisfaction in your daily life

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